IMCR Conference 2002 (Welcoming Address)

Welcoming Address

It is my great honor to invite you to the 3rd I.M.C.R. Conference. The experience we received from the
1st and 2nd I.M.C.R. Conference has been helpful for us to prepare for the 3rd I.M.C.R. Conference,
and I hope that the coming conference will be more advanced and successful than the previous ones.

The serious and enthusiastic attitudes of the pastors who participated in the last two conference provided
deep inspiration and gave deep impressions to the preparing staff, volunteers and 200,000 members of
The Grace and Truth Church.

In addition, the frank opinions and contents of letters sent by the participating pastors after they had
gone back to their home countries has increased the value of the I.M.C.R. Conference.

I hope this conference will be a great opportunity for the pastors who will be attending this coming October
to experience and acquire a great deal about the work of the Holy Sprit and preaching, which will influence
the revival of the church during the same period of the conference.

I pray that great advencement may be upon your church and ministries. I look forward to seeing you at
the Grace and Trurh Church which will host the 3rd I.M.C.R Conference.

With His love,

May 7. 2002
Rev. Dr. Yong Mok Cho
I.M.C.R. Chairman