IMCR Conference 2009 (Invitation Address)

Invitation Address

I.M.C.R. Conference 2009 (October 26 ~ October 28, 2009)

Dear Coordinator & Missionaries
Greetings in the Lord.
With Thanks to the Lord, I am so happy to inform you of the sixth IMCR seminar
from October 26 through 28 in 2009in our Garden sanctuary and some other
The seminar will limit the participants to about twenty pastors including our
cooperative missionaries, unlike former seminars.

So I want all the participating pastors to deliver sermons during Monday prayer
meeting or Wednesday service, and join other prayer meetings of mission
committees of the International Ministries.

If you want to participate in the 2009 I.M.C.R, Please send e-mail to
by Feb. 28,2009.
I hope you will keep on praying for the world ministry and the sixth I.M.C.R conference.

God bless you.

January 28. 2009
Rev. Dr. Yong Mok Cho
I.M.C.R. Chairman