IMCR Conference 2012 (Welcoming Address)

Welcoming Address

I sincerely welcome in the Lord all of you who are participating in the 2012
IMCR Conference. It was by the strong request of Rev. Jerry Berenguer that
this year's IMCR is determined to be held.

Rev. Jerry Berenguer has been attending every IMCR Conference, giving
helpful messages to all participating pastors. Especially his sermons also
helped all the members of Grace & Truth Church to receive the grace of God.

IMCR Conference enabled Rev. Jerry Berenguer to restore his ministry and
vision for church revival and see his vision coming true by the guidance and
help of the Holy Spirit. I hope we will be able to listen to him testify to what
the Lord has amazingly done.

Elder Kwon Youngho, president and Park Namsoo, vice-president of the
preparatory committee, its members, volunteers, all the members of our church,
and myself give you a heartfelt welcome. I pray that all the participating pastors
be filled with the grace of God.

Rev. Dr. Yong Mok Cho
I.M.C.R. Chairman