IMCR Conference 2006 (Invitation Address)

Invitation Address

I.M.C.R. Conference 2006 (September 18 ~ September 22, 2006)

Dear Coordinators & Missionaries,
Greetings, in the name of Jesus Christ.

We glorify God with the news that we will be holding our fifth annual IMCR conference from Sept. 18 to
Sept. 22, 2006, at Grace & Truth Garden sanctuary, (as well as at some other sanctuaries).

Unlike in past seminars, the fifth annual IMCR will invite the limited number of missionaries belonging
to Grace and Truth Church.

We have also invited some coordinators who participated in previous years' IMCR as special lecturers
during the 2006 IMCR conference.

To request an application:

1) Click ’IMCR’ and fill in the application form at our website ( by Mar. 31
2) As for our missionaries, send a list of participants by Feb. 28,2006 by email(

Grace & Truth church will provide you with food and accommodation, as has been done in previous years.

We sincerely thank you all, missionaries and pastors, for praying for our IMCR conferences and world evangelism.

We also hope you will continue to pray for the success of the fifth annual IMCR 2006.
God bless you.

February 9. 2006
Rev. Dr. Yong Mok Cho
I.M.C.R. Chairman