IMCR Conference 1999 (Welcoming Address)

Welcoming Address

The IMCR Conference is the holy meeting for pastors who are longing for mission and revivals.
The first conference became a gracious and abundant holy meeting by the pastors' positive participation
and enthusiasm.

The assurance of the necessity of holding the IMCR conference continually put much fruit and worth
on the hearts of all the devoted people.

The whole congregation and about ten thousand homecell leaders of Grace and Truth Church, and
the foreign pastors who took part in the conference were greatly moved and challenged with each other
during this conference. On the basis of our experience of this conference, I will try my best to
prepare the IMCR Conference for more fruitful and beneficial holy meeting

I hope that the IMCR Conference can play a role in the International Ministries and Church Revivals
for the 21st century by letting all participants in the conference share their own knowledge and
experiences about mission and revivals, and cooperate with one another positively and actively.

I pray that the grace of God be upon your ministry and your church abundantly in the coming Christmas
and the first year of new millenium.

Rev. Dr. Yong Mok Cho
I.M.C.R. Chairman